What is Little Door 404?

For the first time in the world of escape room games, now are available for kids aged 7 to 12! They act as main characters in different adventures and can dive into a completely new and highly creative world of fun. And on their most beautiful day – birthday!
Escape room birthday venue Little Door 404 offers a completely new form of celebration of children’s birthdays. Children will expect it with delight, celebrate with a lot of fun, and talk about it for a long time afterwards.
Escape room games are designed in such a way that players become main actors in adventures that create a totally timeless zone.
The rooms are themed, puzzles customized for their age, and players need to work as a team, to be focused on solving logical obstacles, be resourceful, witty and creative.
Every game lasts for an hour, and the main goal is to win all the challenges in the room and escape from it within a time limit.
Games are creative and above all safe, ideal for children’s unstoppable energy.
Besides birthdays, adventures are available for all, without any particular reason, except for a good fun with friends, family, or maybe sweetheart.