Magical Fountain

Walking through the woods, in front of you there are some glittering sparks and they whisper to you
“Quick, come with us and help us, you are our only hope”
You walk together deep into the woods and find a fountain that is believed to have some magical powers and it fulfills wishes.
At the bottom of the fountain, it’s written: “My power can only be ignited by child with pure heart and magic powder.”
Sparks whisper you
“Follow the clues of this mistical woods in order to find the magic powder without which fountain will not fulfill wishes.
But, in an hour, the night will come, and you will have to escape from the woods, since paths will not be visible and you will be lost, so hurry!
And don’t forget, before you escape, throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish”.

Game duration: 60 minutes
Number of players: 2-6
Genre: Fantasy

Price List

2 players – 3,000 RSD
3 players – 3.000 RSD
4 players – 4.000 RSD
5 players – 5.000 RSD
6 players – 6.000 RSD

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