We are a team of enthusiasts and we design most original, the best and most versatile escape room games; we create new stories and events daily.
Our motive is to push the boundaries of escape room games in very specific and original way. Our goal is to make players into movie stars in best movies, and create for them memorable events for years to come.

This far we have created some of the most successful escape room games, such as:


The first movie escape room game in Serbia with incredible story and scenario with themed tasks which leaves no one indifferent.

The Chest Of Lost Legends

The first portable game in Serbia in which the whole room is placed inside a chest full of clues, tasks, props, and robotics.

Treasure Hunt

The first escape room game in Serbia in the open, in the very center of Novi Sad, where all the various street misteries and sights of the city are discovered.

Better World Alliance

The first online multiplayer escape room in Serbia, in which you create a better world from your home or office, fighting against corruption, global warming, and freedom of information.

The Secret of Immortality

The first escape room in the world that is played on permanent exhibition and on an interesting and unique ways it discovers the secrets of the biggest museum in Vojvodina – every Monday, through the entire building without other visitors.

Her Majesty

The first entertaining escape room in Serbia which has an unique rhythm that leads players to clues, puzzles or solutions, and which in a unique way delights players by opening the doors of different worlds.

The first mystical escape room game for children designed to introduce players to teamwork, arousing their curiosity and enthusiasm to find a lost item.

The first escape room adventure for children with the touch of science fiction, that introduces them with its full potential and all the essential elements of Escape Room game.

The first escape room game for children that guides players through the game of fantasy and the world of imagination. This game delights with its interior and leads to perseverance in the search for a solution

Set some new, unusual and interesting challenges in your town, and let us be your partners in the adventure!
Enthusiasts that want to open Little Door 404 Escape Room center in their town, can order our Escape Room design via e-mail or phone number.
Transfix your clients with games that leave no one indifferent, and that won hearts of many players.