Candy Factory

Aunt Slađa, proud owner of the cutest Candy Factory in town, made a recipe for healthy chocolate, delicious, juicy, and with no sugar.
She invites you to make with her this special chocolate which you can eat without gaining weight or damaging your teeth.
Excited, you arrive at the factory, but the look on Aunt Slađa’s face is sad. The plan seems to have failed!
The recipe is lost somewhere and she has to deliver some cakes, so she tells you:
“Children, I place my hopes in you, you are younger, more resourceful and more witty, I believe you will find my recipe for healthy chocolate in one hour, until I come back.
If you succede, we will share the recipe with the rest of the world, so anyone could enjoy a healthy chocolate”.
Good luck!

Game duration: 60 minutes
Number of players: 2-6
Genre: Mystery

Price List

2 players – 3,000 RSD
3 players – 3.000 RSD
4 players – 4.000 RSD
5 players – 5.000 RSD
6 players – 6.000 RSD


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