About Us

The First Escape Room in Serbia for kids aged 7 to 12

With knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years, with a lot of love and effort, we present to you the best, most versatile and most original escape room games and adventures. We proudly invite you to check the quality of our escape room games and to enjoy unforgettable adventures.
For all escape room enthusiasts, who seek new and memorable events, we have created scenarios of the highest quality, in movie surroundings, with logical puzzles and themed tasks.

Little Door 404 is a world in which our designers follow players whose skills and resourcefulness are put to the test.
All we do in Little Door 404, we do with enthusiasm, and thus we show our passion and professionalism in our line of work.
Our goal is simple – your enjoyment and experience which you will remember and recount with friends over and over again.