What is Escape Room?

The first escape room and playroom in Serbia for children aged 7-12.🥳
The games are invented and specially designed according to world standards with the aim of awakening the adventurous spirit in children, turning their imagination into reality and creating memories for a lifetime.

Escape room for children is a challenge for the whole team, which can consist of 2-6 players. The rooms are themed, tasks adapted to their age and the players are expected to work in a team, concentrate, resourcefulness and creativity with a time limit of 60 minutes. The goal of the Escape Room game is to enable children to socialize and play in the real world, create a sense of appreciation for teamwork, appreciate the effort and commitment of the whole team and never give up⏳

We offer three original Escape Room games in which mystery, science fiction and fantasy provide the best and unforgettable experiences❗️

➡️ Candy Factory
➡️ Magical Fountain
➡️ Time Machine

Birthday celebration?

The birthday celebration in the Escape Room for children “Little Door 404” lasts 2 or 3 hours. You can find out more about birthday packages by clicking here.

The most beautiful event of the year for every child is a birthday, so it must be memorable! Nothing should stand in the way of such an important date – no rain, no snow or too high temperatures. We made sure that none of the weather factors prevented an unforgettable event❗️

In a beautiful ambience, our kind Game Masters are waiting for you, who will follow the children through video surveillance and thus help them successfully complete the games if they need help. In the second or third hour of the celebration, children can enjoy karaoke on the disco stage💃

A celebrant can invite the whole class to his party. This is only for children where adults are not invited❌

Family package?

We know that you are digging and that we have awakened a child in you😄

You are welcome to embark with your children on an adventure that you can schedule on weekdays and weekends as part of the promo package “Family Adventure”, which is until the end of April at a promo price of 3,000 RSD for a family of four/five👪

If you want to watch a live broadcast of your children’s game, you can stay with us and enjoy coffee or tea at our expense☕